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Praise for "No Business Like E-Business"

"I would recommend this exceptional book..."

What a wonderful read. It's obvious the author is well read and practised. He calls on his many years of experience in the online world, and engages the reader with his openness and honesty. He clearly has had the runs on board, and has been willing to impart his insight and knowledge to his readers in a “tell as it is”, anecdotal style.

The book has some 27 chapters, making “No Business Like E-Business” a comprehensive, educational top shelf resource. His inspirational messages are particularly apt and thought provoking.

I would recommend this exceptional book to anyone who is serious about making money from the Internet. There's sound advice for everyone, including affiliate marketers, website owners, website builders, ezine owners, advertisers and entrepreneurs. He has made solid attempts to explain terms and concepts for newbies, while still getting into the nitty-gritty for the more experienced.

I have been online since the days of Gopher, written a few ebooks and own several websites and businesses. I rarely recommend books, and only then when they are truly worthy of it.

A reader who studies the book and applies its principles, would have to be successful in their online endeavours.

Jennifer Richter


...destined to become the "Bible" for internet marketing "newbies."

When I first saw the subject matter of this book,"No Business Like E-Business" I thought, "Great, just what the world needs, yet another 'How To' book on internet marketing."

But this book really IS different.

Throughout the pages of "No Business Like E-Business" Ravi takes you by the hand, and walks you though the entire process of setting up and building your business on
the internet step by step.

He does it in an Easy-To-Read and Easy-To-Understand way.

"No Business Like E-Business" is the perfect starting point whether you are doing the work yourself, or hiring others to do it for you. Just knowing this stuff put you light years ahead, and can save you time, money, and help prevent getting ripped off by those that prey on the unaware.

This book is destined to become the "Bible" for internet marketing "newbies."

So if you are starting your business on the internet, or moving your existing business on to the internet, I have Four Words of advice for you:

"Buy This Book First"!

You will not be sorry."

Allen Weber
Dynamic Enterprises Group, Inc.


"...a nuts and bolts guide to making money online..."

"...truly a nuts and bolts guide to making money online. Everything from registering a domain name, web hosting, blogging, website design, and payment processors provides a solid resource to guide the willing on how to produce money online".

Alana Green


"This is truly an exceptional work..."

"There really is no business like e-business - but - it is also one of the most confusing. 

Even after nearly 10 years in the e-business, there were a lot of things I didn't fully understand until  I read Ravi's book. In it Ravi answered questions I had asked of myself many, many times but didn't have the time in which to find the answers. 

This is truly an exceptional work covering e-business from soups to nuts ... everything a beginner needs to know and everything an experienced Internet marketer should know. -- I give it 5 stars."

J.F. (Jim) Straw


"I would recommend this book to anyone..."

"Writing in a way beginners can easily understand, Ravi covers the basics of getting started making money online, specific details on how to maximize your online revenue, and also covers many of the common mistakes people that limit their income.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is serious about making money from their website.

Patrick Kilhoffer
President of Direct Connections International Inc


"...can save you time and money..."

"Ravi's book can save you time and money by covering the basics -- and pitfalls -- that every online entrepreneur should know"

Rob Frankel
Branding expert and Author of 
"The Revenge of Brand X: How to build a Big Time Brand
on the web or anywhere else."




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