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I am going to give you legitimate, valuable products that I have developed myself, use myself, and would gladly recommend to you anyway if it were someone else's products.

These are not products that were developed with the intention of being given away as bonuses.

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Free Half-Hour "No Holds Barred" Brainstorming, Consultation and Site Critique for your E-Business with the author, Ravi Jayagopal (by appointment only)

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PHPAccess (spanking new, never-been-released PHP script) quickly password protect any folder. Comes with easy-to-use web-based setup, and a screen to manage user names and passwords.

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This last bribe above - the "Amazon-Review Bonus" is available to you if you review this book on Amazon.com. The book listing will appear on Amazon in about 6 weeks from now, by which time you would have received and read the book (I'm hoping).

No, I'm not asking you for a 5-Star rating (though I would be thrilled to death if you did give me a 5-star rating, and may send you an un-announced thank-you gift - but that's a different story now ;-). You may be frank in your review, but I still want you to review my book, regardless of how many stars you give me.

And in return for your precious time, if you submit a review on Amazon.com (while also implicitly allowing me to use that testimonial on this site and other promotions that I may do), you get the above additional bonus!

But Please Note....

  • If you buy the book at Amazon.com or any other retailer or bookstore (online or offline), you will not get the "NBLEB.com-ONLY Bonuses".
  • If you do buy the book at Amazon.com, to get the other bonuses, you must forward me the "shipping notification" (saying that your copy has been shipped by Amazon).
  • To get the "Amazon-Review Bonus", wait for notification from me that the book is live on Amazon, post your review there, and send me the same by email too, mentioning the username you used to post the review.

That's it! All that is left now is for you to buy the book now.

- Ravi Jayagopal
Author, "No Business Like E-Business"


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