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Frequently Asked Questions
(or questions we think that you may have)

Can you ship to P.O. Boxes?

No, we are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes at this time (sorry!). You need to have an actual address that we can ship to.

Can you ship the book to any country?

Yes. When you buy the book, you can select from two shipping options:
1) Ground shipping within the U.S., and
2) International shipping (any country outside the U.S)

Do you ship via courier or the postal service?

We ship using U.S.P.S (the U.S Postal Service) within the United States. International shipments will be delivered using your local postal service.

Is this a real book or an e-book?

This is a real, physical book with 280 pages that will be shipped to you by mail. We do not have an e-book version.

Is this book available in book stores?

The book will soon be available for order by all book stores that have an Ingram account. But not all bookstores may carry them. Check with your local book store - you can ask them to order a copy for you if you wish. They will know where to get it. But don't forget - if you order it from this web site, you can some special bonuses.

Can I buy the book on Amazon.com?

You will be able to buy it at Amazon.com very soon. But you get special bonuses if you buy here from this web site. So don't buy from Amazon without checking out the "NBLEB.com Only" bonuses.

Why should I buy the book from this web site instead of from Amazon.com?

To be honest, even though you pay the same price whether you buy it here or at Amazon, we make a significantly smaller profit when you buy through Amazon (but of course).

So, as an incentive for you to buy directly from me (the author), I am offering you special bonuses that you will get ONLY if you buy the book from this web site. You will still get the other regular bonuses that come with the purchase of each copy, but you will not get the "NBLEB.com Only" bonuses if you buy the book from Amazon.com.

What else can you tell me about the actual book?

This book has a soft-cover and 280 pages. It covers a lot of content - right from creating your web site, to monetizing it, and all the way to some pretty advanced SEO and traffic generation stuff; not to forget, a pretty slick cover with a handsome fella on the back of the book :D. It is distributed through Ingram, and will be available shortly at Amazon.com and other online and offline retailers.

Do you have an Affiliate or Reseller program?

Yes, we have both an affiliate and a reseller program.

What's the difference between the Affiliate and Reseller programs?

Affiliate: If you just want to promote the book online (through your web site, newsletter, blog, etc) using a special link, and get paid when your referrals end up purchasing a copy, then sign up for our affiliate program. As an affiliate, you don't have to buy or carry any copies of our book.

Reseller: But if you are a reseller, and wish to purchase our book and resell it to others (through your web site, online store, brick-and-mortar store) or wish to distribute it (for a price or for free) to your customers, employees, friends, colleagues, students, etc), then we will give you a substantial discount on the copies you buy (because you will be buying in bulk - i.e., greater than 5 copies at a time).

Can I download all the bonuses immediately after purchase?

You can download the "Book-Buyer Bonuses" almost immediately - only because we need a few hours to give you access to the private buyers-only bonuses area of the web site.

The "NBLEB.com Only Bonuses" will also be sent pretty quickly, as we just need to verify your order and then send you an email with instructions about downloading your "NBLEB.com Only Bonuses".

For the "Amazon-Review Bonus", you will obviously have to wait for the book to reach you by mail, read it, and then post a review on Amazon. We don't expect a review from you within the first 10 days after shipping you the book. So, once you post a review and send us an email with the review (for our use), then you should get your "Amazon-Review Bonus" within two business days.

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